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DCA 75 Years Event

An event will take place on Sunday 8th March to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Derbyshire Chess Association. This will have an emphasis on juniors, beginners and lower graded players.

Details will appear on the website as soon as they become available.

Derbyshire Chess Association

This year, the Derbyshire Chess Association celebrates 75 years since its inauguration. The association is affiliated to the English Chess Federation (ECF). The Association runs the Derby and District Chess League as well as a number of other chess competitions in Derbyshire.

Any Chess Club interested in entering a team in the Derby and District Chess League should make contact through the Officers and Contacts page. All standards of play are catered for.

Anyone interested in joining a Derbyshire Chess Club for social and/or competitive chess can find details of clubs on the Chess Clubs.

Derbyshire v Shropshire U120 Match

Derbyshire lost by a narrow margin with 5.5 boards to 6.6 to Shropshire last weekend. 

Although the two teams were closely matched, Derbyshire actually won 4 of the top 5 boards but suffered on lower boards. This unfortunately, leaves all three Derbyshire County teams without a single point so far but it is at least, providing enjoyable chess for those that enjoy the Saturday afternoon atmosphere.

The full result can be found in the Results section.

Frank Pearson - Clay Cross

Sad to report the recent passing of Frank Pearson of Clay Cross Chess Club.

Frank, aged 83, lived alone having never married and found comfort in chess. The team were alerted to his absence when he was not standing in his usual spot to be picked up for a match. He was a well-liked character within Clay Cross Chess Club where he will be missed.

Their website features an obituary provide by Brian Lever.

League Rule Change Reminder

I recently misinformed someone about the Derby League rules forgetting a rule change that came into force after the last AGM which allows players greater flexibility to play in Division 4. For clarity:

Above Division 4, a player can play TWO games for a higher team on boards 1..3 together with any number of games on board 4 before becoming ineligible

In Division 4, a player can play FOUR games for a higher team on boards 1..3 together with any number of games on board 4 before becoming ineligible.

Derbyshire Cup / Plate Competition

The preliminary quick play rounds of this year's Derbyshire Cup and Plate competition have now been completed to produce the four semi-finalists for each competition.

In the Cup, Breadsall will play Rolls Royce A and Derby A will play Chesterfield. In the Plate, Rolls Royce C will play Rolls Royce D and Spondon B will play Belper.

This stage of the competition is under classic time control and games are submitted for grade. The results will appear in the Results section as they unfold.

Derbyshire Chess History

Do the names George Moorcroft, Arthur Severn, Isaac Iglesias ring any bells? They are certainly a blast from the past for me.

They are featured in the History section. If you have any interesting material relating to Chess in Derbyshire suitable to be featured, please send it to Kevin Gallagher at

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