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Cup and Plate Competition
With the quickplay qualifying rounds complete, the semi-finals will take place on Thursday 2nd March and the final on Thursday 20th April. 

All matches as always will be played at Rolls Royce club and can hopefully start at 7:20pm.

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Derbyshire Chess Association

The Derbyshire Chess Association is affiliated to the English Chess Federation (ECF). The Association runs the Derby and District Chess League as well as a number of other chess competitions in Derbyshire.

Any Chess Club interested in entering a team in the Derby and District Chess League should make contact through the Officers and Contacts page. All standards of play are catered for.

Anyone interested in joining a Derbyshire Chess Club for social and/or competitive chess can find details of clubs on the Chess Clubs page.

Digital Clocks

There was an initiative last year to encourage clubs to move towards using digital clocks which can take advantage of modern time controls, with DCA making generous donation to each clock purchased. Once the transition has been made and players have experienced incremental time control, they are loathed to go back.

I have a number of chess clocks ranging from vintage to modern but my favourite has become my phone! There are a variety of chess clocks available but the one shown is the one I have settled on. It allows custom multi-stage time controls to be easily configured and saved and very clearly shows the number of moves played if in primary time control and pure countdown thereafter. Delay, Bronstein and Fischer increments are also possible. 

A move is made by simply tapping anywhere on the orange which switches the active clock to the opponent. The orange turns to red when time has elapsed. It is the clearest by far and free!!

Whilst the DG2010 is now the FIDE standard clock they are expensive; if your club can't stretch to them, you might consider this option. I have used mine by agreement with opponents and reaction afterwards has always been very positive (but don't forget to select aeroplane mode!).

Defaulted Games

There was another case this week of a player not turning up for a match. His opponent made a wasted round trip and had to wait for the necessary 30 minutes before the game could be claimed as a default.

There will be a proposal for the next AGM that under such circumstances, the game should be classed as a loss on time and the grading points duly awarded. More importantly, could players unable to make matches please notify captains with as much notice as possible so that it can be communicated to the opposing player.

League Control

DCA prides itself in running friendly competitions and leniency in applying regulations, however, to ensure fairness to all teams and fair grading, rules sometimes need to be observed.

In match 228, a player was played out of board order so as to remain eligible to play for a lower team but this almost certainly changed the match result. To that end the win on that board was voided making the match a draw. Another team inadvertently continued to play a player for several games not realising that he had become ineligible. Fortunately, this had no effect on match results but it should be pointed out that had they done so, these wins would also have been voided.

All results will still go for grading in accordance with the actual game results but captains are asked to please ensure that teams are organised honestly.

January Grades

The January ECF grading list is now applied and these are used for ongoing grading calculations. This includes grades for previously ungraded players and grades which reflect most current playing strength. 

Although January grades have been ignored in the past, the current system uses latest grades and new grades will appear on the website in a different colour. A list of players and current grades is available here in the Players section and team captains are asked to apply them. Breaking the 15 ECF grade points leeway rule could result in score adjustment if not for an agreed legitimate reason.

Nottingham Congress

Nottingham Congress entries are now open. It takes place on Saturday/Sunday 1-2nd April.

With an excellent venue and good access from the M1, this event continue to grow each year and now enjoy a large loyal following from casual players to Grandmasters. More details are available below or on the Nottinghamshire Chess Association Website

Derbyshire Chess History

Do the names George Moorcroft, Arthur Severn, Isaac Iglesias ring any bells? They are certainly a blast from the past for me.

They are featured in the History section. If you have any interesting material relating to Chess in Derbyshire suitable to be featured, please send it to Kevin Gallagher at

Chess Activities and Events
  • Nottingham Chess Congress

    Saturday/Sunday 1-2 April 2017 

    Nottingham High School
    Waverley Mount
    Nottingham NG7 4ED

    Open, Major (U160), Intermediate (U135), Minor (U110)

    Entry and Full Details on Notts Chess Website

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