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In the below position, it is easy to convince yourself that white is lost. The black Queen cannot be taken because Rxe1 would be mate. The white Rook on c2 is en prise and if this problem is addressed, Qe3 delivers an unstoppable mate on f2. Black must have felt very content when white had accepted a material bait.

But have no fear, with the white pieces is British Grandmaster Keith Arkell who had spotted something one move further that must have hit black like a train. Just brilliant.

White to play and win!


I expect that most will have seen the very famous Reti miniature where White is able to catch a pawn which looks impossibly advanced. This lovely position is in the same vein.

Don't throw the towel in yet - it is actually possible for White to Play and draw!

Not TOO difficult to solve because there are so few move options but an extremely interesting result.

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